Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng - Lucifer Donghua

Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng (Dubu Wangu)

40 episodes · TV Ongoing Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng , 独步万古, Dubu Wangu

Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng (Dubu Wangu)

The protagonist genius, Ye Feng, is betrayed and attacked by his senior(Luciferdonghua), and other evildoers after he refines the Divine Realm pill that would lead him toward the Supreme Realm. He managed to fend off and consume the pill, yet finds himself inhabiting the body of his descendant, who bears his name 500 years later. He pledged to save his current lineage and seek vengeance, Yefeng embarked on the path of cultivation again, practicing hard and improving while exploring the mystery of the way of heaven(Myanimelist).

Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng Donghua, Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng Anime

Law of the Devil , Emo Faze , 恶魔法则

Law of the Devil (Emo Faze)

? episodes · TV Ongoing Law of the Devil , Emo Faze , 恶魔法则

Law of the Devil (Emo Faze), Law of the Devil, Emo Faze, 恶魔法则, Law of the Devil Anime English Sub,

Emo Faze 3D Anime, Law of the Devil 3d Anime


Legend of Yang Chen

50 episodes · TV Ongoing The Legend of Yang Chen, 九辰风云录

The Legend of Yang Chen

Yang Chen, the grandson of the Patriarch of the Yang Mansion, was ridiculed by the people in the mansion because he had not awakened his Dao Soul for a long time. In desperation, he breaks through himself to awaken the Dao Soul and Qi Ling Huang Yu and realizes that the crowd headed by his uncle is forcing Grandpa to give up the position of Patriarch. After that, Yang Chen decided to improve his strength to protect his family and went to Youyun Mountain alone to find medicine. In the end, everyone’s conspiracy was broken

Martial God Asura - Luciferdonghua

Martial God Asura Donghua (Xiuluo Wu Shen)

Original Force
? episodes · TV Ongoing Martial God Asura , Xiuluo Wu Shen , 修罗武神

Martial God Asura Donghua (Xiuluo Wu Shen)

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.

Martial God Asura Anime 2023, Xiuluo Wu Shen Myanimelist



Mysterious Treasures – Shen Cang (2023)

Dancing CG Studio
? episodes · TV Ongoing Mysterious Treasures , Shen Cang , 神藏

Mysterious Treasures – Shen Cang (2023)

Modern-day Daoist Fang Yi wakes up one day with a superpower—the ability to sense antiques and artifacts! From there, he becomes an artifact-collecting wonder. Countless treasures all become him, and he leads his band of brothers on a journey to the very peak of life!

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Renegade Immortal - luciferdonghua org

Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni)

Build Dream
? episodes · TV Ongoing Renegade Immortal , Xian Ni , 仙逆

Renegade Immortal Donghua

Adapted from Er Gen’s novel of the same name, “The Immortal Rebellion” tells the story of Wang Lin, an ordinary boy from the countryside who was moved by his heart and practiced against the immortals. He not only sought immortality but also got rid of the ant body behind him. He firmly believes that Tao lies in human beings. He entered the path of cultivation with mediocre qualifications. After going through ups and downs, he relied on his clever mind to reach the top step by step and became famous in the world of cultivation by his own efforts.

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Since The Red Moon Appeared Episode 1 English Subtitles

Since The Red Moon Appeared

Foch Films
? episodes · TV Ongoing Starting from the red moon , Cong Hong Yue Kaishi , 从红月开始

Since The Red Moon Appeared, Starting from the red moon, Cong Hong Yue Kaishi Anime 2023

The story tells the story of a blood-red moon suddenly appearing in the sky, which is known as the red moon event in history. The remaining survivors had to hide in the city protected by high walls. Among the survivors, some people also suffered from mental mutations. Among them, those who could not control their mental mutations would emit mental plague and radiation. It contaminates the normal people around it and poses a great threat to the surviving humans. To solve the source of the pollution, High Wall City established a special pollution cleanup department, recruiting people who can control spiritual energy, and our protagonist Lu Xin is applying for the most dangerous cleanup department!

Soul Of Light , Zhen Yang Wushen , 真阳武神

Soul Of Light (Zhen Yang Wushen)

Wonder Cat Animation
26 episodes · TV Completed Soul Of Light , Zhen Yang Wushen , 真阳武神

Soul Of Light (Zhen Yang Wushen), Soul Of Light Donghua

Some people say that the world is a great sea of ​​suffering, people in the sea, the body is the boat, and the soul is the people in the boat, sailing to the other shore. The Daqian Dynasty was prosperous in the spring and autumn, and the country was prosperous, and the world was honored. However, under the powerful surface, the undercurrent was already surging. The enemies from far and near were staring at each other, and the eight demons were about to move. Monitor the world. In such a world of great controversy.

Tales Of Dark River - Lucifer Donghua

Tales Of Dark River [Snowfall Killer]

26 episodes · TV Ongoing Tales Of Dark River , Anhe Zhuan , 暗河传

Dark River, an enigmatic and elusive assassin syndicate within the realm of Jianghu, finds its origins intertwined with the influential Su, Xie, and Mu families. Dominating the upper echelons of power in this clandestine world, the supreme authority of the triad is granted to a figure known simply as the Patriarch. A grim fate befalls the seniors of these families as they fall prey to a fatal poison, their lives hanging by a thread.

In the wake of this dire news, the underbelly factions seize the moment to sow the seeds of insurrection. At the helm of the patriarch’s formidable guard unit, the Spider Shadow, stands Su Muyu. Faced with the arduous task of safeguarding the patriarch, Zhouquan, Muyu embarks on a mission to secure a lifeline for his ailing leader. His quest leads him to the brilliant medical savant, Bai Hehuai, who hails from the revered Medicine King Valley. Bai Hehuai’s expertise becomes the beacon of hope as he endeavors to mend the patriarch’s affliction. Concurrently, waves of assailants and contract killers are thwarted by Muyu’s resolute defense.

Yet, amidst these tumultuous times, a twist of fate emerges. Su Changhe, an intimate comrade of Muyu within the enigmatic Dark River, forsakes his alliance to partake in a perilous venture. Representing the interests of the Su family, Changhe embarks on a treacherous mission to eliminate the familial figurehead.”

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Tales Of Dark River (Anhe Zhuan), Legend of Assassin, 暗河传, Adaptation of Zhou Munan’s (周木楠) novel of the same title, Tales Of Dark River Anime, Snowfall Killer Anime


The Eternal Strife (2023)

Wonder Cat Animation
? episodes · TV Ongoing The Eternal Strife , Bu Si Bu Mie , 不死不灭

The Eternal Strife (Bu Si Bu Mie)

An ordinary young man in a small town tries to learn the essence of martial arts, but he is set up by someone, and then suffers a tragic love and gets involved in a dispute in the martial arts world. He is wronged by others due to his identity. While struggling to survive, he gradually gets back his memories of his previous life and embarks on a journey to fight against heaven. During this process, he wins the sincerest friendship and the most precious love. Even though he has to go through countless difficulties and face the risk of death, he still stays true to himself. He fights for himself, for his fate, and for justice, and never flinches no matter how powerful his opponents are.

The First Order-Luciferdonghua

The First Order [Diyi Xulie]

bilibili, China Literature, Tencent Animation & Comics
16 episodes · TV Ongoing The First Order , Diyi Xulie , 第一序列

“The First Order” is a Japanese anime series that premiered on July 19, 2023. It is produced by Tencent Animation & Comics and Bilibili. The show is based on a web novel and falls under the genres of action, adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi. The series is still ongoing and has 16 episodes so far

The story takes place in a world that has been devastated by nuclear winter.  Humans are no longer in control of the world, and crises emerge one after another. Facing an uncertain environment and future, fortresses are built one after another. Refugees flock to the exterior of these walls for survival, hoping that one day they can enter a fortress. Our main lead, Ren Xiaosu is one of them. With an indomitable will, Ren Xiaosu and Yan Liuyuan are determined to move forward for a shot at survival. They keep advancing by absorbing positive energy and changing the world with every step.

The First Order [Diyi Xulie], The First Order Anime English Subtitles

The Galaxy Emperor , Matchless Emperor , Gaishi Dizun , 盖世帝尊

The Galaxy Emperor (Matchless Emperor)

Xiaoming Taiji
? episodes · TV Ongoing The Galaxy Emperor , Matchless Emperor , Gaishi Dizun , 盖世帝尊

The Galaxy Emperor (Matchless Emperor)

In ancient times, the saints fought for hegemony. A young man known as the “Sleeping God” got a blessing in disguise and opened a heaven-defying technique. From then on, a genius with unparalleled physical strength crossed the sky and the earth, slashed the stars with his sword, and thousands of geniuses crawled and trembled under his feet. In a world where heroes rise up, I am the only one who dominates martial arts.

Tags and Titles:- The Galaxy Emperor, Matchless Emperor watch online, The Galaxy Emperor Anime, The Galaxy Emperor (Matchless Emperor)

Thirty-six Cavalry , Sanshiliu Qi , 三十六骑- Lucife Donghua

Thirty-six Cavalry Anime

CG Year
? episodes · TV Ongoing Thirty-six Cavalry , Sanshiliu Qi , 三十六骑

Thirty-six Cavalry (Sanshiliu Qi), Thirty-six Cavalry Anime

Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty awarded Ban Chao, a descendant of the historian(Luciferdonghua), the bronze swallow talisman, and asked him to go on a mission to the Western Regions to find the method of immortality and the golden Buddha in his dream. Ban Chao searched for the master hiding in the capital, and thirty-six people including the descendants of the Mo family, the descendants of the Pirates, and the Yelang Gu master were traveling with him. In addition to fulfilling the emperor’s wish, he also wanted to find the origins of the historian’s family and the murderer who framed his father. Myanimelist

Thirty-six cavalry anime watch online

Transcending the Nine Heavens , Aoshi Jiuchong Tian , 傲世九重天

Transcending the Nine Heavens (Aoshi Jiuchong Tian)

Foch Films
? episodes · TV Ongoing Transcending the Nine Heavens , Aoshi Jiuchong Tian , 傲世九重天

Transcending the Nine Heavens (Aoshi Jiuchong Tian)

Chu Yang is hunted down and trapped in a hopeless situation by various people for obtaining his Nine Functions Sword, the supreme magical weapon in the Nine Heavens. He is stabbed into the heart, which accidentally awakens the Nine Functions Sword and brings him back to his youth life again. In this life, he will choose a different path, protect his love and brother, and embark on the road to search for the Nine Functions Sword. His fate will be rewritten, and this hot-blooded man will fight against the powerful forces, requites kindness with gratitude, returns evil for evil, and turns the Nine Heavens upside down.